Monday, January 14, 2008

NEW BOOK: Syra's Scribbles by Syra Divine

Syra's Scribbles, a self-published novel by author Syra Divine, will officially be released on January 20, 2008, when it will be available in most online bookstores.

Syra Divine, AKA Syra Ruehle, is an Orthodox mother of three whose semi-autobiographical novel grew out of emails to friends and family that described stories from her daily life life. "These letters became a personal journal of my daily joys and struggles," Ruehle said. "Syra's Scribbles is my memoir of the years when I was a busy mother of two. The prayers and church services show Orthodoxy in practice. The dirty diapers and singing toddlers are experiences every mother can relate to."

Having grown up with the confidence that she could do anything she aspired to, Syra married her true love, earned her master's degree in mathematics, and then embraced a career as housewife and stay-at-home mother.

The letters in Syra's Scribbles chronicle the author's real-life experiences, taking the reader through a continuum of emotion: the thrill of a baby learning to walk, the surprise of a teenaged nephew moving in, the fear of wild fires creeping closer, and the anguish of an aging mother's decline that would change everyone's lives. Syra's stories are laugh-out-loud funny, inspirationally moving, and real beyond the glitz and glamour of reality TV.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Ruehle's book is a mustread for any housewife/mother or anyone aspiring to be one. buy it NOW at amazon@com. I'm really reccomending this. Wow.