Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NEW BOOK: Called to Serve by Fr. John Peck

Called To Serve a new Bible survey workbook containing all the books of the Orthodox Bible, is now available. Written by Fr. John A. Peck, Orthodox priest, graphic artist, and contributor to the soon-to-be published Orthodox Study Bible, Called to Serve is a basic survey of the Holy Scriptures for Orthodox Christians. "No longer will the Bible be an intimidating mass of stories and text gathering dust and guilt from disuse," said the book's press release. "In a fun and exciting journey, this workbook will take you through the entire Bible, and fill in the gaps and answer the questions that you may not even know you have. In 20 short lessons, you'll have set a firm foundation for your life in the Holy Scriptures."

Called to Serve, self-published by Fr. Peck, is available in two versions: a student edition containing 20 lessons, and a leaders edition containing answers to questions posed in the student edition.

Peck has been publishing books under the "Interior Strength" moniker for about a year. Other Interior Strength titles include Divine Liturgy: A Student Study Text, BIBLE DRILL Field Manual, Bible Diva Flight Manual, S.W.A.T. Field Manual, and BIBLE DRILL Officer's Manual. According to Peck, the "Manuals" are "intense VBS type programs that are held every year in the summer in Ohio. Very intense, very fun, and very successful."

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