Friday, June 6, 2008

NEW BOOK: St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans

By Archbishop Dmitri (Royster)

2008, St Vladimir's Seminary Press
ISBN 978-0-881413212
softcover, 416 pages
Price: US $20.00

Written with the average lay reader in mind, this pastoral commentary on the Epistle to the Romans offers readers a clear explanation of the Apostle Paul's influential and controversial letter. Quotations from church fathers and parallel expressions from Scripture create a methodology consistent with Orthodox tradition. By also using hymns and texts from the Orthodox liturgical services, the author supplies deeper and broader contexts for familiar biblical verses. Appropriate for personal and group biblical study and for spiritual guidance and edification, this volume also serves as a useful aid to pastors in teaching and preparation of homilies.

His Eminence Dmitri is Archbishop of Dallas and the South of the Orthodox Church in America.

Posted by Nina Chapman on behalf of St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

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Jnorm888 said...

This looks interesting. I think I might get it.

Thanks for putting it on your blog.