Friday, November 30, 2007

BOOK REVIEW: Questioning God: A Look at Genesis 1-3 by Fr. Ted Bobosh (Light & Life Publishing)

Review by Fr. Meletios Webber for In Communion Journal
Winter Issue, 2008

Rarely have I seen an author take on such a difficult and (some might say) controversial subject and produce a book which is as spiritually satisfying as this one.

Deftly moving from subject to subject, Fr. Bobosh brings to the reader a full degree of awareness of the first three chapters of the Holy Scriptures, of Biblical comments upon that text, together with the views of patristic authors and of modern scientific opinion.

The author remarks that these chapters of Genesis deserve to be read theologically, and should be treated neither as a history textbook nor yet as a scientific treatise. Fr Ted actually makes such a theological understanding of these important words available to the reader in a way which is straightforward, without either glossing over the difficult points or sounding in any way preachy or condescending. There are points to ponder throughout the text; in particular, I was very interested in the author's comments about Satan, about the Orthodox way of fasting, and the emergence of a surprising number of aspects of human existence … which we generally regard as good and wholesome … only after the apple had been eaten.

My only negative comment, if one is needed, is that the visual impact of the book is not very conducive to the sort of meditative attention which the writing so richly deserves.

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Ben Marston said...

I look forward to being able to read this book. For years as an evangelical I taught creation evidences in monthly meetings at a Pizza Hut, open to the public.
I have followed the Creationists and the Intelligent Design Movements carefully.I've looked at what Fr. Seraphim Rose had to say. I am looking for a sane and satisfying Orthodox take on it.
It seems that at the beginning, in Genesis, and at the End, in Revelation, an extraordinary sort of writing must be taking place, that is supra historical; they are singularities in the sense that the time-space continuum is fundamentally different than the way it is now.
Well, I'll stop there and look into getting the book. There is some money in my Paypal account.